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Humber Training Group and it's members promote careers in construction.  We help people to understand there is a job for everyone and hundreds of occupations to choose from.


Standards and Qualifications

Having standards and qualifications within the industry will ensure that we have transferable skills across the industry and also drive up quality.


Training and Development

We are here to help you identify, source and deliver your training needs for your organisation.


HTG Members & Benefits

View which local Humber Construction companies are already benefitting from membership.


Members Case Studies

See how other local businesses have benefitted from their membership and networking with fellow members and guest speakers.


Construction Apprenticeships & Providers

An overview of what Apprenticeships are available and the training providers that can help you on your journey!


Networks, Collaboration & Best Practice

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively as we know that we are much stronger when we all work together for a common goal.


Construction Awards

There are many awards right across the industry to celebrate all the fantastic work that takes place. So make sure you apply for the awards and show everyone what you are made of!!

HTG in partnership with many others are helping potential new entrants into the construction industry.
To contribute please send us your videos of all your fantastic work and showcase all the different job roles available in the Humber 

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The Training Group was originally formed to bring together Humber-based companies in the construction industry. The main purpose was to raise the standard of training and skills of the workforce and potentially retain more work locally.

A Training Officer was appointed and the Group has grown in strength and influence since that time. 

We now have over 60 member companies and have gone a long way to achieving our original aims. 

On the way, almost all of our members have been able to make financial savings by having the knowledge and tools to access grants and funding available – a service constantly under review by the Training Officer. 

Hopefully the information and guidance contained in this site will explain the goal we have to boost the local Construction Industry and to maintain levels of employment in our regenerating region. 

We are always keen to see new members and would be pleased to hear from any company which feels it may benefit from joining.

Daniel Roche, MB Roche & Sons

Chair, Humber Training Group


The Humber Training Group is made up of a Group Training Manager and a committee from industry.
Below are the current committee members and support for 2020
The committee help shape and develop the group for the benefit of all members.

Sam Hind

Group Training Manager

Jacquie Blades

HTG Chair

Kris Blake

HTG Vice Chair

Annie Francis

HTG Secretary

Ellie Hunt

HTG Treasurer

Anne-Marie Fowlston

HTG Administrator

Jo & Laura

CITB Advisors Humber

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